Mount Ungaran

   Located to the south of Semarang, stands an active mountain with a height of 2050m above sea level, known as Mount Ungaran. This place offers extraordinarily beautiful views with main views of volcanic mountains, large lakes and also the sea. Mountains that can be seen from Ungaran include: Mount Prau, Sindoro, Sumbing, Merapi, Merbabu, Lawu and Muria, as well as a row of beautiful hills around the foot of the mountain. The lake that can be seen from the peak is Rowo Pening Lake, and the sea that can be seen is the northern Java Sea.
  Even though it has a much lower altitude than the others, getting to the top takes quite a long time, namely 6-9 hours, depending on the route chosen for the climb. So it requires serious preparation so that the trip always runs smoothly without obstacles. Routes that can be chosen include: Rose route, Gedong Songo, Promoasan and Parantunan.
  The beauty of the surrounding nature cannot be denied, because climbers will be pampered by mountain views, stunning sunset moments, sparkling stars and city lights at night, and the special color of the sky in the morning.
  Most of the mountain slopes are still dominated by very lush forests, so the freshness of the air is still very fresh. Meanwhile, the ridge of the mountain is dominated by tall weeds and adds beauty for selfies and documentation.
  At the foot of Mount Ungaran, there is a Hindu temple site of the Shiva sect which is estimated to have been built in the 9th century AD. And at first glance the shape of the building is similar to the temple in Dieng. This temple building adds to the exoticism of the surrounding panorama and has become a tourist attraction where every weekend there will always be lots of visitors. However, while it is still dominated by local tourists, the distance traveled by other tourist destinations is quite far. For example, for tourists who are in Yogya, they have to travel around 4 hours to get to the Ungaran Valley. However, during the trip you will certainly find many interesting and different things that will make a special impression.
  Camping is the most appropriate choice to enjoy the view from this mountain, because it maintains the climber's own stamina and comfort. By camping, of course climbers will have more freedom to spend time and feel the sensation of new experiences. However, all necessities must be prepared appropriately. Both from physical training, logistics, camping equipment, personal equipment and climbing friends. Experienced friends are very important, because they will ensure the safety and comfort of your adventure. However, if you don't find friends who meet your criteria, just entrust your adventure to a local climbing service provider who is experienced and full of responsibility, so that everything will be well facilitated and your adventure will be more memorable.
  Enjoy your holiday guys...


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