Mount Lawu

  This mountain is an active stratos type volcano which is on the border of Central Java and East Java provinces and is divided into three districts, namely Karang Anyar in Central Java, Ngawi and Magetan in East Java which has a height of 3265m above sea level and is the third highest mountain in Java. middle . To reach the top of the mountain, there are several routes you can choose from, including: Cemoro Sewu, Cemoro Kunci, Cetho Temple and several other routes. However, the route is a favorite of climbers, they prefer Cemoro Sewu as an option.

  The Cemoro Sewu route takes a shorter time than other routes, which can be taken in 6-8 hours to get to the highest peak, namely Hargodumilah Peak.

  The majority of climbers decide to camp out to explore this mountain, because the peak of Mount Lawu is very wide and beautiful, of course it will require a lot of stamina and enough time to be able to explore every corner. There are three peaks that offer different views, namely Hargo Dalem, Hargo Dumiling and Hargo Dumilah peaks, and allow all points to be explored. Another spot that is worth exploring is Gupakan Menjangan, where you will be presented with vast and captivating savanna fields, as well as dense pine trees, so that people who come to this place will definitely feel at home admiring its beauty.

  Mount Lawu also has many unique features that are not found on other mountains, where you will find a spring that never dries up even though it is hit by a long drought, which is called Sendangderajat. Near this spring you will also find a food stall which is claimed to be the highest food stall on the island of Java, because it is above 3000m. This stall has also been operating for a long time and is the only one on Mount Lawu, better known as Warung Mbok Yem. This name is taken from the name of the owner, Mbok Yem, and he prefers to live in the mountains even though he actually has a place to live in the village.

  Along the Cemoro Sewu route, you will be treated to surrounding views dominated by pine trees and very large rocks that form quite high cliffs, which of course will add to the exoticism of the route, and you will be surprised by the spectacular panorama, especially after passing post five. This is also a possible camping spot, because you can set up several tents. The path taken is also very clear, namely in the form of neatly arranged rocks, so it will be easier for climbers to pass through.

  In fact, this mountain is not suitable for beginners, because the path that must be taken is quite long. However, for anyone who is interested in trying new experiences, everything can be overcome with sufficient physical exercise, so that the journey feels comfortable and smooth, which of course is the hope of every individual.

  One thing that is more important, invite friends who have experience on this mountain route and prepare all the equipment needed, so that climbing is always guaranteed safety and comfort, so that your adventure will be more memorable. And if this is not possible, it's a good idea to trust a trusted and responsible local climbing service provider. so that everything goes well.

Have an exciting adventure guys..


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