Mount Slamet

  This mountain occupies the highest position in Central Java and is the second highest mountain on the island of Java after Semeru, with the highest point reaching 3428m above sea level. As the highest mountain, it certainly has its own challenges in getting to the top.

  This mountain is also very active, so the smoke from the crater is very clear from afar. This is due to the activity of a very strong and large crater, which is located right on top of the mountain.

  Mount Slamet is also very famous among climbers and natural explorers, because they are very challenged to try and it is a satisfaction in itself if they succeed in getting to the peak.

  The time required is also quite long, around 8-12 hours to reach the highest point and has 9 posts, so that everyone who climbs will spend the night in a tent before hunting for the golden sunrise from the peak. The paths traversed are also varied, starting with residents' agricultural gardens, resin forests, mountain forests and sandy rocks which are quite steep before reaching the top. This is where the toughest challenge is, each climber has to pass a path that is quite slippery.

  The views presented are also very commensurate with the journey taken, of course they are very beautiful and cannot be described in words.

  The most popular climbing route is the Bambangan route, which is claimed to be the shortest and easiest route. Meanwhile, other routes have a heavier level of difficulty and a longer duration.

  A possible place to set up a tent is around post 5, because here the highest point for climbers meets a spring. So climbers no longer worry about lack of water for their needs during climbing activities. However, there are also those who set up tents before post 5 or above, depending on personal physical conditions and the situation of the number of other climbers carrying out activities at the same time.

  From the top of the mountain, you will be presented with views of other active mountains, such as: Mount Ciremai, Sidoro, Sumbing, Dieng Mountains and others. The Mount Slamet valley is still dominated by very dense forests, so the green nature is still very well preserved.

The mountain's position is quite far from big cities, making transportation challenging. Because there is no airport close to Mount Slamet. Meanwhile, the closest and easiest public transportation to reach is by train or bus to the city of Purwokerto which is then connected by taxi or private car, because public transportation to get to the registration post is quite difficult to find. Meanwhile, if you choose air transportation, the nearest airport is in Semarang, which requires a 4-5 hour journey to get to the registration post.

  If you plan to climb this mountain, you should prepare everything, including a partner who will help make the trip safer and according to plan. Because, considering the long and arduous journey, it's a good idea to design your trip as comfortably as possible. And one of the easiest things, just entrust your climbing to a local service provider who is trusted, full of responsibility, and an expert in their field.

  Happy adventure guys...


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