Mount Sindoro is an active volcano of the Stratos type, and is located in Central Java, specifically in the Wonosobo and Temanggung districts. The mountain is a very worthy tourist destination, because apart from getting your adrenaline pumping, you will also be presented with special views, which will certainly add to your memorable experience.

 Mount Sindoro

  This mountain is an active volcano of the Stratos type, where the crater is right at the peak. The activity of this mountain is very clear and strong, this can be seen from the smoke that rises from a distance.

  Territorially, this mountain is divided into two districts, namely Wonosobo and Temanggung districts and is flanked by two other mountains, namely Mount Sumbing, Kembang and Prau.

  This mountain is also very exotic to explore, because it has a more challenging route, more charming views, cool air that is far from pollution. So many tourists come from the city to enjoy the freshness and natural beauty around this mountain.

  To reach the top, there are several routes that have been prepared for climbers. However, the most popular are the Kledung and Sigedang routes. Where each path has advantages and disadvantages.

  If you want a lighter route and more beautiful views, it is best to take the Sigedang route. Yups, the Sigedang route is the prettiest route to the top of Sindoro. Because on this route you will pass through vast Tambi tea plantations which emit a distinctive aroma and green leaves that form like a carpet. The size of this garden is no joke, because from the levy post to post two, the entire area is a tea garden.

  The view will look more beautiful if we have reached post 4, because from this place the panorama is more open with the main view of the Dieng mountain area in the north, as well as the very large stone walls on the mountain slopes.

  To reach the peak which has a height of 3153m above sea level, climbers need at least 4-6 hours, so many choose camping activities as a climbing solution. Because it will be more comfortable, satisfying and safe. But more importantly, physical and mental readiness must be trained before climbing.

  Another thing to remember is that there are no springs along the climbing route, so everything must be prepared before registering.

  The place to set up the tent has also been determined by the basecamp, whose position is around post 3 to close to post 4, this is to prevent climbers from inhaling sulfur fumes from the crater which is certainly uncomfortable to inhale.

  The vegetation that you can find on Mount Sindoro is actually not that much, because the authenticity of the forest around the slopes of the mountain has not been visible for a long time, so currently it is dominated by acacia trees, lamtoro, cantigi and edelweiss flowers.

  The peak of Sindoro actually has quite a large area, which is divided into several points, such as the crater area, savanna area, cantigi tree area and sea of sand. If the weather is good at the peak, it is possible to explore from all corners of the peak, so that you can enjoy the entire view from the peak.

  If you are interested in enjoying an adventure to this mountain, you should look for friends who are experienced and understand all the climbing routes, so that safety and comfort always remain well conditioned. And if by chance none of your friends have climbed this mountain, look for a trusted local climbing tour agent.

  Have a lucky day...


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