Mount Prau is one of amazed and suitable place for camping or hiking activities. With a stunning panorama, it is very attractive for fisitors to trysome exciting adventure and more fused with the open realm. For those of you who are beginner climber, this place is very suitable, because no need long time to reach the top. it is no wonder that every weekend or holiday always crowded with visitors. We know, that panorama of nature no doubt animore. Volcanic clusters make this place one of the most iconic places, and everyone who has ever climbed here  will always be remembered how  amazng nature is very impressive. Please, try to come here and prove it

   Mount Prau

 A miracle nature we will find, when we climb at the height of this mountain, because the amazing nature view will spoil our eyes, so we will be comfortable spending time here. This mountain is located in Dieng Plateau area, Central java, and it is the highest point, with the height of 2590m above sea level. the natural beauty f this muntain n doubt, that is why this muntain is very famous fr climbers, because the hiking route is not too hard, easy access, and adjacent to other tourist attraction where are around the Dieng Plateau area, such as : Arjuna temple complex, Colour and Mirror lake, Sikunir  hill, Sikidang crater, Candradimuka crater, Sileri crater, Sikarim waterfall, Sirawe waterfall, Tambi tea plantation, Serayu river (for rafting sport ), and many other places. From the top of this mountain, we can enjoy a panoramic view of a group of volcanoes including: Gn Sindoro, Sumbing, Merapi, Merbabu, Telomoyo, Ungaran, Muria, Slamet, Ciremai and the hills around the Dieng Plateau.

  Most tourists who visit Gn Prau spend their time to do camping, because they can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon, the sparkle of millions of stars at night, and the stunning sunrise in the morning. However, many also travel in the morning, because they don't want to waste their limited time to get the experience of enjoying the beautiful rays of the sun rising in the morning.

  It doesn't take long to reach the top of Gn Prau, because it only takes about 2-3 hours, climbers can set up a tent in a charming spot. Another feature, if we camp on this mountain, we no longer need to travel in the morning, because from the camping site we can see the sunrise directly. This also allows climbers to enjoy sufficient rest time, so that comfort and health are maintained properly.

  Popular and easiest to reach climbing routes include: Patakbanteng, Dieng Wetan, Dieng Kulon, Kalilembu. However, there are also those who choose other routes, such as: Wates and Igirmranak.

The vegetation that we can find is vegetable plants where planted in residents' gardens, which adds to the natural beauty of the surroundings because we can see the terraces throughout the valley. Only then do we climb the forest path dominated by pine trees until we approach the top of the mountain. Basically, the air here is very fresh and calm because it is far from air and noise pollution.

  If you are curious, try visiting this place, please. We guarantee you will feel at home for a long time and want to come back again someday.


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