Mount Pakuwaja is a mountain located in the Dieng Plateau region and has the highest point of 2421m above sea level. This place is very exotic to explore, because you can enjoy the view by turning your body 360 degrees, the stunning golden sunrise, the volcanic cluster, the Dieng plain area, and the active crater on the mountain slopes.

 Mount Pakuwaja

  A caldera that offers beautiful panoramas and is located near Sikunir Hill which has many unique features and has a peak height of 2421m above sea level. Even though this place is very exotic, it is not as well known as other places around Dieng, because most people are hampered by the harder climbing route from Sikunir. If going to Sikunir allows a trip with a large number of participants, going to this mountain is best done with a smaller number, because it will be more comfortable and like a private place.

  From the top of the mountain, 360 degree views can be enjoyed directly and without obstructions, allowing sunrises and sunsets to appear truly spectacular.

  Another advantage of Mount Pakuwaja is that there is an active crater on the northern slope of the mountain and facing directly towards the Dieng plains, a natural rock that looks like a nail and stands right between two former volcanic lakes, Mount Merapi is right in the middle between the slopes of Mount Sindoro and gn merbabu, and the highest roof in Central Java, namely Mount Slamet. For more details, we will be presented with mountain views including: Mount Bunga, Sindoro, Merapi, Merbabu, Lawu, Telomoyo, Ungaran, Prau, Pangonan, Bismo, Rogo Jambangan, Slamet and Ciremai if the weather is clear.

  The mountain valleys and hills are dominated by terraces planted with vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, so the green views are very clear and refreshing to the eye and add to the elegance of the view from the top of the mountain.

  The vegetation that grows around the peak is dominated by weeds, although you can also find other plants. Typical plants include: edelweiss flowers, fire red flowers, cantigi trees, gotu kola, acacia and sembung.

  Along the hiking trail, you will pass through local plantations which are mostly planted with carica trees and Dieng chilies on each border of their land, which you may have never seen before. This plant also adds to the uniqueness of the surrounding area, because you will not find carica plants in other areas in Indonesia, except in Dieng.

  In fact, this place is more suitable for hiking which is then combined with visiting Telaga Warna, Sikidang Crater and Arjuna Temple with walking along agricultural paths, so it will add to the experience that not many other people get when visiting Dieng, because until now there are not many tourist companies that promote it either. You can also interact with local people directly, where they live as farmers in the Dieng area. Therefore, this place is very suitable for those of you who want to get a different adventure experience in a fairly short duration. However, quite a few also decide to spend the night at a camping site to be able to enjoy moment by moment at the top of the mountain.

  For the record, to reach the top of this mountain it only takes 1-1.5 hours if you take the shortest route, so if you want to enjoy the sunrise at the peak, the journey can start at 3.30 am, and if you want to enjoy the sunset you start the journey at 3.00 afternoon.


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