Mount Sumbing

  For mountain climbers and nature explorers, Mount Sumbing is one of the priority destinations. This mountain has a height of 3371m above sea level, which is the second highest peak in Central Java, and is the third highest peak on the island of Java. It is not surprising that every weekend many climbers come, because they are very enthusiastic about being able to reach the highest peak.
  It is not easy to climb this mountain, because the route is dominated by long climbs and only a few points are slightly sloping. So physical and mental preparation absolutely must be prepared.
  Actually there are many routes to get to the top of Mount Sumbing, but the most popular is the Garung Reco route. Because this route is the easiest to reach by public transportation and has more complete basecamp facilities. If you climb this route, the total distance covered is around 9 km to the peak of Buntu or the peak of the crater, and another 800m to reach the highest peak known as Puncak Rajawali. The normal duration required is 7-8 hours, but if you use motorbike taxi transportation to post 1, you will save at least 1.5 hours. Because the climbing duration is quite long, it is highly recommended to do camping before traveling to the peak, so that the trip is always in comfortable conditions. However, professional climbers can choose camping or trekking directly. Because they are certainly mentally and physically ready.
  On this route, there is one unique thing that may not be found anywhere else, because climbers who ride motorbike taxis have to sit in front of the driver. This aims to keep passengers safe, because the route is quite steep, at some points more than 40 degrees.
  You will encounter an amazing view when you arrive at post 3 or the place to set up your tent, because the majestic Mount Sindoro appears so clearly in front of you, and the beauty of the afternoon when the sunset moment arrives. This will be an unforgettable moment and add to the sensation of your adventure.
  If you climb in June-September, the beautiful terraces in the valley of Mount Sumbing will be dominated by green tobacco plants, because the majority of people around Mount Sumbing and Sindoro are farmers and tobacco is still their mainstay. Not without reason, because tobacco plants need more solar heat than other plants, especially before the harvest season.
  You will find an active crater at the top of this mountain, which is surrounded by large rocks and high cliffs so that the peak is not possible to explore in its entirety, because the route is too difficult, so climbers are advised to only explore a few points.
  All equipment must be prepared from below, including camping equipment, food and water, because there is not a single spring along the route.
  And one of the most important things, if you plan to climb this mountain, bring a friend who understands the route and is quite experienced in climbing, or entrust it to a trusted travel agent, so that your trip will be more guaranteed safety and comfort.
  Happy adventure!!!


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