Mount Merbabu

  This mountain has extraordinary exotic views and is a mountain that has the largest savanna among mountains in Indonesia.
  This mountain is also very close to Mount Merapi and is an idol for climbers, because the path it traverses can be said to be quite friendly. Yups, along the route, you will find sloping and steep paths, allowing climbers to recharge their energy on their way to the peak.
  The highest point is at the top of the triangulation, which is recorded at 3145m above sea level. However, the most popular point is the peak of Kenteng Songo. From these two peaks, you will be treated to views of the rows of active mountains in Central Java, even several mountains in East Java if the weather is clear.
  Camping is the right choice to enjoy the natural scenery here, because it would be a shame if you only spent a short time on Mount Merbabu.
  There are several routes that can be chosen which of course have different levels of adventure, including: the Selo, Wekas, Suwanting, Cunthel, Takelan and Ganjik routes. However, the most popular route is the Selo route, because it is considered the shortest and easiest.
If you choose Selo or Gancik as the climbing route, you will be presented with views of Mount Merapi from the camping site as the main view. And the cantigi trees that grow around the place where you set up your tent will add to the romantic natural atmosphere.
  Mount Merbabu is also an active volcano, but its crater is on the slopes of the peak, so the smell of sulfur cannot be smelled from the top of the mountain.
  Animals like monkeys are easy to find when traveling around post one, because it is still a natural forest there and large trees are still easy to find. However, you have to be careful, because sometimes these animals like to snatch climbers' items or food.
   There are also no springs found along the route, so all supplies must be prepared before the climb begins.
The distance covered is around 9 km, so climbers need a travel time of 6-8 hours if they travel directly to the peak. However, this can only be done by professional climbers.
  You will get a beautiful sunrise moment if you are at post five, but on average climbers try to enjoy it from the top of the mountain, because the panorama presented is much more spectacular.
There will be many forks in the path you cross, making it possible for climbers to be confused about the right direction, therefore anyone climbing this mountain for the first time should invite a friend who already understands the route they will be taking. If you don't have friends who are familiar with this route, the easiest way is to entrust your trip to a trusted travel agent. So that your adventure is guaranteed safety and comfort as well as getting a more exciting experience.
  Happy Holidays Guys...!


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