The Dieng Plateau is an area located on top of a mountain which is 2000m above sea level and holds many wonders and mysteries that have not been completely solved. Among the miracles that we can prove is the existence of Telaga Warna and Pengilon which are in the same area, connected to each other, but never mixed.   Enjoying the natural scenery around Dieng is very easy, everything can be reached by vehicle. but for those of you who want to visit all the places in a different way, you can do it by hiking through agricultural paths. We are sure you will be very impressed if you can do that.

 Sikunir Hill

One of the places that has become an icon of Dieng is this place, because tourists can enjoy the view from the peak without having to climb for a long time. In just 20-30 minutes, tourists can enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful views. For those who don't like long hikes, this hill is very suitable for climbing, because it doesn't drain too much energy but allows you to enjoy the golden sunrise. and because of its position facing east, this place is perfect for catching the beautiful morning sunlight. That is why this place is very popular for both local and foreign tourists, because it is possible for anyone to reach the highest peak, which is 2335m above sea level.

  The main view that can be enjoyed and is very iconic is Mount Sindoro which towers high, and is accompanied by other mountains such as Gn Kembang, Merapi, Merbabu, Telomoyo, Ungaran, and Mt Bismo to the west. You can also see a beautiful lake called Telaga Cebong and the highest village on the island of Java called Sembungan. We will encounter this view when we explore the entire peak area, which will certainly add to the perfection of the surrounding natural gifts.

  Most tourists combine their trip with visiting other tourist attractions around Dieng, because this is possible to enjoy in one day, and can also get a more satisfying adventure experience.

Dieng Plateau

  Who doesn't know the Dieng Plateau? Yups, this plateau is in Central Java province, which is above 2000m above sea level.

  This place has been very famous since ancient times, because here we also found an ancient site which is claimed to be the site of the oldest temple on the island of Java, namely the Arjuna temple complex. Apart from that, the Dieng Plain is a favorite place for tourists because the cool air makes it addictive for everyone who visits this place. There are those who believe that Dieng is the highest plateau in Indonesia which is inhabited by many people, because in fact there are many other places which actually have almost the same height, but are not possible to use as a place to live. The majority of people live as farmers and they are very comfortable carrying out these activities, because they are blessed with very fertile nature, especially for cultivating potatoes and vegetables. With an air temperature of 12-21c during the day and below 10c at night, it is very suitable for these plants.

One of the other unique things about Dieng is that there are many tourist attractions in one area that offer different views and experiences, but are very easy to reach, because the distance from one to another is not too far.

Some of the places you can visit include: Arjuna temple complex, Sikidang crater, Telaga Warna and Pengilon, Watungan Angin viewing rock, Candradimuka crater, Dringo lake, Sikarim waterfall, Sirawe waterfall and many other places.

  Telaga Warna and Pengilon are two lakes that are in the same area, but they show striking color differences, because in Telaga Warna the water contains sulfur, giving it a distinctive color and making it impossible for fish-like animals to live here, but it is still safe to visit. . Another special feature, you can see volcanic activity in the Sikidang crater and others, there we are presented with a direct view of continuous blowing of hot steam from within the earth, so that you can see very strong and high temperature water fluctuations, with very easy reach, because of access and other facilities are well provided.

  In addition, currently, in Dieng there are many comfortable accommodation options available that offer direct views of nature, making it possible for anyone who occupies them to feel more at home.

  If you want to visit this place, we recommend spending at least 2 days and 1 night, so that your trip will be more memorable and you can get more experiences.


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