Mt Bismo A mountain located in the southeast of the Dieng Plateau and holds many unique natural gifts, which is very suitable for hiking and camping activities, because the climbing route is relatively easy, the natural scenery is enchanting and the air is very fresh.

 Mt Bismo

  The Dieng Plateau is a place consisting of a group of mountains and hills with varying heights. One place that not many people know about is Mount Bismo. Yups, this mountain has only started to be used as a tourist destination since 2017, even though it was actually published several years earlier. Initially, Mount Bismo was only used as an alternative place, but because it has special beauty, it has now become the main destination for people who like adventure and exploring the country. Meanwhile, it is still dominated by domestic visitors, due to limited promotion from tourism organizers.

  Mount Bismo has a quite unique character, because the peak is thin and about 2 km long, from the east end and curving to the southeast. So the view is very open and without obstructions. When climbers arrive at the top, they will certainly be surprised by the special panorama, which will certainly spoil anyone's eyes.

  The climbing route is relatively easy, because it only takes no more than 1.5 hours to reach the peak, with the highest point reaching 2369m above sea level. However, you should not underestimate the view from the top of this mountain. That's right, because from the peak of Bismo you will see Mount Sindoro and Sumbing which form the letter M, you can see Sikunir Hill, Mount Merbabu, Pakuwaja, Prau, Pangonan, Gajahmungkur, Rogojambangan, Slamet, Ciremai, Lake Cebong, Menjer, Warna, and Sikarim Waterfall.

  On the way up, you will also witness geothermal activity across the path. From there you will see that the hot steam coming out is very strong and the sound is quite loud, but it is still safe for visitors. You can also see steam coming out of the Sikidang crater, which of course adds to the magical aura of the surrounding nature.

   Along the climbing route, you will pass through agricultural paths with hilly contours that are very beautiful and not boring, it is even possible to stop several times, because you are so amazed by the view. Potato plants dominate the area along the path, and will add beauty when you pass them right in the flowering phase, making it feel like you are in a flower garden.

  For visitors who have free time, many do camping activities around the peak, because on average they want to be able to enjoy the sunrise and sunset moments at the same time, but for those who have a short holiday, on average they choose to climb in the morning then continue visiting tourist attractions around Dieng.

  The sunrise moment is still a favorite for tourists, so many people decide to climb in the morning, and 3.30 am is the ideal time to start activities.

  Even though the path you are walking is relatively light, it is highly recommended to prepare personal equipment such as: warm jacket, trousers, t-shirts, hiking shoes, headlamp and other equipment, so that your trip is always safe and comfortable.

  Good luck...


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