Indonesia is a unitary state consisting of thousands of islands and stretches from Aceh province to Papua province. This country is tropical country where based in Southeast Asia and also crossed by the Equator. In addition, every island has special nature, beautiful, fertile, biodiversity, and many different kind of people culture.

  Indonesia is also the country with the larges of active volcanos in the world, which there are around 129 volcanos, spread throughout the region. Most of volcano  in Indonesia are very possible for climbing and hiking activities, but some others are impossible, as some reasons, such as : too difficult access, vague pathways, and even volcanic activities which too danger.

 Among the popular mountains or volcanos for climbing, some are in Java Island, it is because tourists are more often visited, both domestic and foreign. So, the climbing line become clear. However, on each mountain there are many crossroads for leading to the peak, because sometimes there are some people who took initiative to look for the fastes path, which could make other climbers confused, especially novice climbers and also people who first time to cross the path. 

If you have plan to do climb some mountain but you have never climbed before, we recommend you, please find a partner who has understood the path that will be passed, either comunity friends, local people, or a bonafide tour agent. It's meant to be your journey safer, more time-saving and impressive.


 Java, is a pretty long island, which is the western corner is adjacent to the Sumatra island, and eastern corner is close to Bali island. On this island, we can find many volcanos and hills. There are about  30 active volcanos with different heights, both medium-sized, tall, and very tall. Most volcanos on this island is cone or stratos type, but the other are shield type, which each volcano has different character and special something.

 Three of highest peaks of volcanos on this island, they are : Mount Semeru which is located in East java province, has a height 3676 m, Mount Slamet in Central java province which has altitude 3428 m, and Mount Sumbing in the same province, which has altitude 3371 m.

 Some popular mountain for climbing or hiking are : Mt Papandayan, Mt Gede Pangrango,Mt Ciremai on West java province, Mt Merbabu, Mt Lawu, Mt Ungaran, Mt Sindoro, Mt Sumbing,Mt slamet, Mt Prau, Mt Bismo, Mt Pakuwaja on Central java province, and Mt semeru, Mt Ijen, Mt Bromo, Mt Raung, Mt Arjuno welirang on East java province.


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